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Could change to 'hours-of-service' rules lead to truck accidents?

A previous post on this blog talked about how the number of fatal truck accidents across the country have been on the rise of late. The post also discussed how, even in the face of these statistics, the federal government is now considering loosening the federal rest rules to allow what proponents call additional flexibility for truckers and the trucking industry in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

Futuristic wearables might keep you out of the hospital

If you are a construction worker in Pennsylvania, you might be skeptical about the prospect of working in an environment in which your employer can track your every move, and even watch you doing your job from a remote location. However, construction wearables aim to prevent injuries and fatalities and not to intrude. Embracing advanced technology will significantly increase your chances of returning home safely after each shift.

Fatal truck accidents have increased nationwide

The number of deadly and serious accidents involving large trucks, that is, semi-tractors and other trucks weighing in the area of 80,000 pounds, has been on the increase, at least according to some recent information compiled by the federal government.

Forklifts pose life-threatening safety hazards

Forklifts are valuable machines in many industries, from construction sites to warehouses, fulfillment centers and more. If you work on or around forklifts, it might be a good idea to learn about the hazards these machines pose. Thousands of workers nationwide, including in Pennsylvania, suffer forklift-related injuries each year -- some of which are disabling or even fatal.

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