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Heavy Machinery Accidents Attorneys
in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Heavy machinery requires extreme caution and extensive training to safely operate on a construction site. However, despite the stringent restrictions, heavy machines are still the leading cause of construction accidents, causing up to 100,000 per year. It’s not uncommon for these injuries to be severe and potentially life-altering as well.

When you are injured on the job by heavy machinery, it’s easy to become stressed and not know where to turn for help. The Altoona personal injury attorneys at Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith may be able to assist you. Since our firm was established over 100 years ago, our attorneys have strived to provide our clients with specifically-tailored legal counsel. Not only does this allow us to fight for the best possible outcome, but helps maintain total client satisfaction throughout the process.

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Standing up For the Rights of Injured Construction Workers

Construction sites are full of heavy machinery in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While some of it may be easy to operate and smaller than others, it can still be equally as dangerous.

We can help you if you are injured on a job site by any heavy equipment, including:

  • Jackhammers

  • Forklifts

  • Power tools (nail guns, power saws, etc.)

  • Cranes

  • Large trucks (dump trucks, cement trucks, etc.)

  • Earthmovers

The laws protect victims of heavy machinery accidents, but insurance companies frequently try to find loopholes in these laws to circumvent their obligation to pay out on claims. This can leave you wondering where to turn when bills for medical expenses, medications, rehabilitation treatments and more continue to add up while you are not being paid for missing work. Our attorneys understand the impact this can have on you, and we work hard to ensure you are properly compensated after an injury.

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