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Premises Liability Attorneys
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According to Pennsylvania law, property owners are responsible for providing safe conditions to welcome visitors of their property. This is particularly important on commercial properties, where patrons, customers, and renters are wanted and encouraged to spend time on the premises. If something on that property then ends up hurting a welcome visitor, the property owners may be liable for damages.

If you believe you were hurt by conditions that should have been addressed by a residential or commercial property owner, we are ready to hear from you. Our firm has been helping injured clients for more than 100 years. Over that time, we have continued to build on our tradition of aggressively and decisively recovering the relief our clients deserve following their accidents.

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Understanding “Duty of Care”

Premises liability claims center around a legal concept called “duty of care.” Duty of care is the obligation that property owners have to provide safe conditions and proper warnings of possible hazards to welcome visitors. When there is an injury, it is up to the plaintiff to provide evidence that this duty has been breached.

Successful premises liability claims must demonstrate:

  • That the defendant owed the plaintiff duty of care

  • That the defendant did not provide that care

  • That the lack of care allowed for dangerous conditions to be present

  • That those conditions led directly to an injury

Commonly, premises liability claims are called “slip and fall” cases, but dog bites, toxic exposure, and other property-specific injuries can be considered premises liability claims, as well. No matter what the circumstances of your case are, our team is ready to provide you with legal options and, if necessary, bring exacting and proactive legal action to the responsible parties on your behalf.

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