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The Three Biggest Auto Recalls in History

Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith Dec. 12, 2021

Automobiles are recalled for a number of issues frequently, however in certain cases major manufacturing defects have resulted in some of the largest and most critical product recalls in history. These recalls have all presented serious danger to their drivers, and have likewise been named as a cause for several unfortunate deaths, creating a lot of major issues for the vehicle manufacturers.

Here are the three biggest automotive recalls in history:

3. Gm Ignition Switch Recalls – 15.8 Million Vehicles

The biggest recall in General Motors history is a relatively recent one that has seen them recall over 15 million vehicles fitted with an ignition switch that could intermittently fail, resulting in the engine dying while driving, which could then in turn affect other systems that are also powered by the engine (i.e. power brakes).

2. Ford Transmission Recalls – 21 Million Vehicles

Back in 1980, Ford issued what at the time became the biggest recall in history, pulling back over 20 million vehicles across 10 model years for an automatic transmission gear selector flaw that would accidentally jump from park into reverse unexpectedly. Ford’s approved fix was simply sending each owner of an affected vehicle a warning sticker that they were to place on their dashboard.

1. Takata Airbag Recalls – Over 100 Million Vehicles

The Takata airbag recall is a still ongoing saga, affecting over a decade of model years and sixteen major auto manufacturing groups, including General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and more. These airbags have been found to deploy too easily due to defective ignition devices, which can cause potentially serious injuries from shrapnel being ejected into the cabin of the vehicle.

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