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Serious Motorcycle Injuries Require Skilled Legal Handling

Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith Dec. 12, 2021

With warmer weather settling in for the spring and summer, many motorcycle aficionados will be taking to the roads and highways around Altoona and the rest of Pennsylvania. After all, many people in this state enjoy riding their motorcycles so as to take in scenery or even just for the thrill of it.

A great motorcycle ride can very quickly turn in to a disaster, however, should another motor vehicle run in to the motorcyclist or even, without hitting the bike, force the rider off the road or in to a fall.

Given that even a motorcyclist with a helmet and other protective gear has very little protection from the blow of a full-sized car, motorcycle accidents frequently end with the rider and her passengers suffering serious injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations are all too common occurrences after a motorcycle accident. Any one of these types of injuries will likely leave a victim with permanent disabilities and huge and ongoing bills for medical and other care.

Our law office recognizes that oftentimes, motorcyclists are not at fault for their injuries. While other drivers and even the police may have a tendency to immediately blame a motorcyclist for an accident, we recognize that inattentive driving commonly leads to another motorist’s overlooking a motorcycle altogether or failing to fully appreciate its presence.

On a related note, distracted driving, texting and driving, drunk or drugged driving and fatigued driving frequently contribute to motorcycle accidents.

Whatever the reason for the incident, we encourage victims of motorcycle accidents to explore their legal options for pursuing compensation and to do so promptly. Oftentimes, an investigation will reveal that the other driver involved in the accident was negligent and thus should rightfully pay compensation for the victim’s injuries.