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Doctors and nurses have high rates of worker injuries

Working in the health care industry can be an incredibly rewarding experience. From helping patients to finding the perfect treatment plan, few other careers offer the same satisfaction. Unfortunately, worker satisfaction is not where this industry peaks. Instead, it is number one for worker injuries. 

As a doctor or nurse, you already understand there are risks associated with your chosen profession. There are needle sticks to worry about, bodily fluids to avoid and dozens of other hazards you encounter every day. These risks may seem so commonplace that you might even forget you can still receive workers' compensation benefits. 

Pennsylvania one of the worst in U.S. for motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are a common sight in Pennsylvania. Riders will sing the praises of being on the open road on their motorcycles and express how much they enjoy the activity. While it is certainly an interesting subculture with people from all walks of life taking part, that does not eliminate the natural dangers that motorcyclists face. An accident can cause severe injuries and death. Research has examined the frequency with which motorcycle accidents happen across the nation and found that Pennsylvania is near the top.

The statistics show that Pennsylvania was fourth in the nation for fatal motorcycle accidents. This is true even though there was a reduction of 3.7 percent from 2016 to 2017. The Governors Highway Safety Association assessed the information. In Pennsylvania, there were 184 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2017. In 2016, there were 191. In total across the U.S., there were nearly 4,800 fatalities on motorcycles in 2017. In 2016, there were more than 5,250. The reduction was 8.6 percent.

Falls need not claim the lives of construction workers

Office buildings, retail stores, factories, warehouses and other work environments in Pennsylvania pose safety risks, but construction sites are significantly more dangerous than other workplaces. Construction company owners and site managers must comply with federal and state safety regulations to protect the safety and health of you and your co-workers. Sadly, some of the deadliest hazards, like falls, often receive little consideration because the employer's desire to work faster and maximize the profits may overshadow the danger.

Although falls on same levels can cause serious injuries, if your job has you working at elevated areas, you will require specialized personal protective equipment. Along with construction workers, other occupations that have employees working at heights include roof workers, painters, installers of solar panels, window cleaners, firefighters and more.

Danger of construction accidents shown as flagger is hit by car

Pennsylvanians who work construction will undoubtedly understand the dangers they face each day. The sheer nature of the work predicates a certain amount of risk. There is heavy equipment, large vehicles, cumbersome tools and the need to work at great heights. Construction accidents are common and lead to serious injuries and fatalities. In many cases, the negligence of others is the cause of the accident. This can include coworkers or people who are passing by. Knowing what steps to take after an accident is essential for the injured worker and his or her family.

According to recent reports, a man who was working on a construction road crew was injured when a car hit him. The man, 48, was working as a "flagger" in which he waves cars by when it was safe for them to do so. At around 9:45 a.m., a woman in her 70s hit him with her car. The investigation into the accident indicates that she was distracted at the time and did not see him. The worker was flown to the hospital for treatment. He is not believed to be facing life-threatening injuries. The investigation is ongoing and the woman might face charges for the crash.

Key points about benefits and care after workplace accidents

Pennsylvanians who are injured in workplace accidents will undoubtedly be fearful about myriad factors. Of course, included will be the injury itself. It is also important to know what treatment the worker is entitled to under workers' compensation, how they will make ends meet, and how much treatment they can get. Examining state law when it comes to workers' compensation can be beneficial to understanding these factors. To ensure that the benefits are received, having legal assistance is wise.

When the worker is injured, there will be payments for lost wages. This comes after there is a determination that the worker is totally disabled and cannot work at all or is partially disabled. With total disability benefits, the worker will get these benefits for up to two full years (104 weeks). After that, the employer/insurer can ask the worker to be examined to see if there is a least a 50 percent impairment. If there is not, the determination can be changed to partial disability. With partial disability, the worker can get benefits for up to 500 weeks. When there is an examination and the worker is found to have an impairment that is equal to or beyond 50 percent, there can be total disability.

Protections provided by workers' compensation benefits

Workers' compensation protections can be vital for injured workers and their families following a workplace accident or construction accident. A workplace accident can leave an injured worker feeling like they are in free fall facing mounting medical bills and lost earnings as they are forced to spend time away from work recovering from their injuries.

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance paid for by the employer to help workers when they have suffered a workplace injury or illness. Though workers' compensation benefits preclude the injured worker from also pursuing a claim in court for the harm they have suffered, it is a no-fault system that only looks at if the worker suffered their injury or illness at work.

Tracking your accident injuries is protecting your interests

A car accident can leave you with painful and lingering injuries, and sometimes, the impact of these injuries can change your life and affect your abilities in various ways. It is difficult to determine the true scope and impact of a car accident injury in the moments, days and weeks after a crash.

If you are a Pennsylvania accident victim, you would be wise to take steps to protect your interests by diligently tracking your injuries and how they are currently affecting your life. This could be an important step in building a strong injury claim and securing appropriate compensation for your pain and suffering. 

Protect yourself from pedestrian accidents

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point, even if it is simply walking across a parking lot to enter the grocery store. Walking among traffic is risky under any circumstance, and an encounter with a motor vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle or a tractor-trailer, can result in life-changing injuries.

There are measures you can take to improve your chances of remaining safe when you are walking near traffic. However, your most cautious actions may be useless if the driver of a vehicle is negligent or reckless. Statistics show that Pennsylvania, like most other states, sees too many tragic accidents involving pedestrians.

Different types of protections for injured construction workers

Construction accidents can result in serious injuries to victims that may leave them unable to work when they need to most because of mounting medical care and other costs. There are different options to consider for relief when a construction worker has been injured on the job that injured workers should be aware of.

Workers injured in construction accidents can seek workers' compensation benefits which can help with medical costs, rehabilitation costs and lost earnings. Benefits are paid through the worker's employer or employer's insurance company. Alternately, if a third party is responsible for the harm the injured worker suffered in a construction accident, the injured worker may be able to file a personal injury claim for damages.

Truck driver fatigue can lead to truck accidents

Truck accidents can significantly harm victims leave victims and leave victims with challenges they never expected to face. There are a variety of different negligent behaviors that can lead to a truck accident including a truck driver who is speeding, under the influence or inattentive. Truck accidents can also be caused truck driver fatigue and truck drivers who do not get adequate rest to be on the roadways.

Truck driver fatigue can impair driving performance and result in truck accidents. A lack of adequate sleep, strenuous work hours and unreasonable expectations may lead to truck driver fatigue and truck accidents. According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study, 13 percent of commercial vehicle drivers were considered fatigued at the time of their truck accident. It is important for truck drivers to get the sleep they need each night and avoid driving when they are naturally drowsy.

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