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Could change to 'hours-of-service' rules lead to truck accidents?

A previous post on this blog talked about how the number of fatal truck accidents across the country have been on the rise of late. The post also discussed how, even in the face of these statistics, the federal government is now considering loosening the federal rest rules to allow what proponents call additional flexibility for truckers and the trucking industry in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

Fatal truck accidents have increased nationwide

The number of deadly and serious accidents involving large trucks, that is, semi-tractors and other trucks weighing in the area of 80,000 pounds, has been on the increase, at least according to some recent information compiled by the federal government.

Girl killed in truck accident

An accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike left a 5-year-old girl dead the scene. Additionally, the child's parents, as well as two other children who were traveling with the family, had to be taken to an area hospital. However, it was not clear how serious their injuries were.

Study shows higher speeds claim more lives

According to a report by a think tank which researches issues related to traffic safety, while higher speed limits might be a nice convenience for Pennsylvania drivers, they come at a price. The group's report suggested that, over the last 25 years 37,000 people lost their lives because lawmakers have been increasing speed limits on roads and highways. For instance, in Pennsylvania, while the highway speed limit was 55 miles per hour in bygone years, the state is opening more stretches of the highways to speed limits of 70 miles per hour.

Danger of delivery truck accidents shown as child is killed

In Altoona and its surrounding areas, delivery trucks are constantly on the road at all hours. With how the world currently functions and people able to receive deliveries at the click of a button for work and personal use, this is no surprise. This can combine with time tested methods for children to get back and forth the school - the school bus - to create a dangerous situation. When children are waiting for the bus, accidents can happen. Unfortunately, some of these can cause severe injuries and fatalities. Those who have had a child injured in delivery truck accidents should think about their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Truck driver fatigue can lead to truck accidents

Truck accidents can significantly harm victims leave victims and leave victims with challenges they never expected to face. There are a variety of different negligent behaviors that can lead to a truck accident including a truck driver who is speeding, under the influence or inattentive. Truck accidents can also be caused truck driver fatigue and truck drivers who do not get adequate rest to be on the roadways.

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