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Teen Car Accidents Could Be Linked to Texting and Driving

Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith Dec. 10, 2021

In Altoona, across Pennsylvania and around the nation, teen drivers are considered risky when out on the road. With their inexperience and lack of judgment, it is nearly unavoidable that there will be car accidents as they just start out as drivers. In recent years, however, a new danger has emerged and is growing more and more problematic. Of course, that is distracted driving. Researchers are embarking on studies to determine just how dangerous this problem is. One recent study indicates that one-third of U.S. teen drivers are texting when behind the wheel.

The study gathered its information via survey. In it, more than 100,000 teens from age 14 and above took part. They came from 35 states and drove in the previous 30 days. In the states, all but one had made it illegal for drivers under 21 to text when driving. Regardless, 38 percent admitted to texting and driving in that time-period. One of the authors of the study emphasizes that the number of teens who text and drive makes it vital that the laws are enforced with greater seriousness.

The statistics varied based on the states. For example, 64 percent of teens in South Dakota admitted to texting and 26 percent said the same in Maryland. Texting and driving was a common issue in states that allow younger people to get their learner’s permit and drive legally. In five of the states where at least half said they texted while driving, teens can get a learner’s permit when 15 or younger. Additionally, 20 percent of teens 14 to 15 admitted to driving before they had their learner’s permit. One in six said they texted and drove without a learner’s permit. As teen drivers age, they tended to text more, not less, when behind the wheel.

Being so connected 24 hours a day has had a negative impact on road safety. Teens are especially vulnerable to the temptations of multitasking. They might believe they can do so safely, but given the number of accidents that happen because of texting and driving and other distracted driving behaviors, it is a major factor in car accidents. When there are injuries from a car crash or a lost loved one, there are substantial problems personally and financially that must be dealt with. A legal filing can help. A law firm that is experienced in investigating car accidents and pursuing cases should be called for a consultation to take the next step with a legal filing. A personal injury action could help a victim recover compensation for losses and damages.