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Pennsylvania Fares Fairly Well with Respect to Distracted Driving

Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith Dec. 10, 2021

As this blog has reported on previous occasions, distracted driving, especially texting and driving, is an ongoing problem in this state. However, according to at least some recent data, Pennsylvania drivers are actually doing relatively well when it comes to keeping their eyes on the road.

According to information pulled by Zendrive, an application that helps insurance companies keep track of their customer’s driving habits, Pennsylvania drivers actually had the lowest rate of using their phones while also operating a vehicle.

The percentage of time that drivers spent handling their phones hovered between 6% and 7%, lower than any other jurisdiction. Moreover, Pennsylvania was also one of a handful of states that, according to Zendrive, saw a slight decrease in the frequency of distracted driving.

Still, a driver who is spending 6% of his or her travel time looking at a phone has his or her mind and eyes off the road for over 3 minutes per hour of driving time. Since it only takes a few seconds of inattentiveness to cause a severe or even fatal car accident, 3 minutes of distraction per hour is simply an unacceptable and dangerous proposition.

Interestingly, it may not be those whom society thinks of as irresponsible drivers as those doing the majority of the texting and driving in this state. According to Zendrive’s data, the rate of texting and driving or otherwise using one’s phone peaks out around 4 p.m., that is, right around the time folks in Altoona and the surrounding communities are heading home from work.

A Pennsylvania resident who get hurt by a distracted driver may have legal options to pursue compensation for their injuries and should consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.