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Key Points About Benefits and Care After Workplace Accidents

Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith Dec. 12, 2021

Pennsylvanians who are injured in workplace accidents will undoubtedly be fearful about myriad factors. Of course, included will be the injury itself. It is also important to know what treatment the worker is entitled to under workers’ compensation, how they will make ends meet, and how much treatment they can get. Examining state law when it comes to workers’ compensation can be beneficial to understanding these factors. To ensure that the benefits are received, having legal assistance is wise.

When the worker is injured, there will be payments for lost wages. This comes after there is a determination that the worker is totally disabled and cannot work at all or is partially disabled. With total disability benefits, the worker will get these benefits for up to two full years (104 weeks). After that, the employer/insurer can ask the worker to be examined to see if there is a least a 50 percent impairment. If there is not, the determination can be changed to partial disability. With partial disability, the worker can get benefits for up to 500 weeks. When there is an examination and the worker is found to have an impairment that is equal to or beyond 50 percent, there can be total disability.

If there was “specific loss”, and the worker lost use of or lost a limb, fingers or toes or there is a loss of hearing, sight or a disfigurement, there can be a specific loss award. With medical care, the worker will be covered for reasonable treatment including surgery and other care a physician provides. Medication, supplies, orthopedic goods, prosthetics and other services are covered if they are required. Workers can have their medical care covered even if they do not miss any time at work after the workplace injury.

Workers are often deprived of their full workers’ compensation benefits because they are unaware of what they are entitled to or due to the employer or insurer misleading them. When there is an issue or dispute regarding workers’ compensation benefits, having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in helping workers after workplace accidents can help to get everything that the worker is entitled to.