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Handling Truck Accident Claims Requires Attention to Detail

Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith Dec. 12, 2021

While our blog has talked extensively about the importance of attentive driving, it is of equal importance for lawyers who are handling personal injury claims to pay careful attention to what they are doing at all stages.

A lack of attention to detail can make a legal proceeding more difficult and, in the worst cases, mean that the victim of an accident does not get the compensation that they deserve.

This is particularly true with respect to truck accidents. For one, victims of truck accidents frequently suffer severe if not fatal injuries that can impact them, or their surviving family members, permanently. In other words, figuring out how much a victim lost will be a lot more than just adding up medical bills and accounting for a few weeks of time off work. Understanding the full extent of a loss after a truck accident involves a lot of moving parts.

Second, truck accidents themselves are often affairs that take a long time to unpack both legally and factually. Frequently, a full accident reconstruction will be needed, and this will require the help of experts in the field. Moreover, there are often complicated federal and state regulations in play following a truck accident that might not be at issue in other types of motor vehicle accidents.

Finally, truck companies and their insurers, as well as individual truckers, have a lot of incentives to fight hard against truck accident claims. The important thing victims need to remember in this respect is that none of these parties are on their side or are necessarily looking out for the best interests of everyone.

Our law firm prides itself on the attention to detail we show when representing victims of truck accidents.