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Do Property Managers Have to Take Steps to Protect Tenants?

Goldstein Heslop Steele Clapper Oswalt & Smith Aug. 6, 2021

When you live in a community where you rent, you may have a property manager who is in charge of maintaining the grounds or common areas. It’s important that you report any issues with your property and have the problems repaired as soon as possible.

Property managers themselves are responsible for tenant management. This includes finding new tenants, filling vacant units and handling complaints. If your property manager does not listen when you state that there is a hazard on the property, then they could be held liable if you get hurt.

Property Maintenance Is in The Job Description

While the property manager may not be the one to do the maintenance on a property, they will be the one to order it at the very least. They are responsible for making sure that tenants have access to the property and that the property stays in good condition. At the core, the property manager’s responsibility is to maintain a safe property through regular maintenance and upkeep.

Part of this also includes listening to tenants and responding to issues on the property. They are in charge of enforcing occupancy rules and can be held responsible if they do not secure the property correctly prior to someone suffering an injury.

Property Managers Are Supervisory

Property managers are usually in a supervisory position, which means that they handle more than just property maintenance. They may contract in security guards or maintenance teams to work on the property. It’s up to them to be sure that repairs are done on time in accordance with the law and to handle day-to-day errands.

Perhaps most importantly, these individuals should be up-to-date on landlord-tenant law and know their responsibilities. If you get hurt on a property because the property manager did not order maintenance after you made a complaint or because they didn’t perform upkeep on the grounds in a common area, then they may be one of the parties responsible for your injuries. It may be possible to hold them accountable and to pursue a claim against them for failing to perform their role and offer a safe environment to you as a tenant.