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Common risky behaviors of teen drivers

It is fairly obvious that teen drivers do not have as much experience as those, say, 10 to 20 years older. Even if a teenager is responsible and mature, they simply do not have the same level of experience that is often needed to handle traffic emergencies and the like. Moreover, for a number of reasons, many teens do not always have the best judgment, and they are more prone to distractions.

Most drivers admit to at least one bad driving habit

A recent study found that the vast majority of drivers, around nine out of 10, admitted to engaging in at least one bad driving habit which the study classified as a "driving fail." Among the top 10 fails, the most common one was eating while driving. It seems intuitive enough that a person cannot use both hands to steer when the person is holding lunch or even a warm cup of coffee in one hand. Additionally, like any other distraction, eating takes a driver's eyes and mind off of the road.

Pennsylvania making some progress with drunk driving deaths

According to a recent study, the efforts of lawmakers, police and safety advocates are paying off when it comes to reducing the number of deaths related to drunk driving in Pennsylvania. In 2000, 533 people died on Pennsylvania's roads because of a drunk driver. By 2017, that number had dropped to 314. Overall, the fatality rate in this state has declined by over 41% during those 17 years.

Pennsylvania fares fairly well with respect to distracted driving

As this blog has reported on previous occasions, distracted driving, especially texting and driving, is an ongoing problem in this state. However, according to at least some recent data, Pennsylvania drivers are actually doing relatively well when it comes to keeping their eyes on the road.

Pedestrian deaths continue to be a problem in Pennsylvania

According to a recent preliminary analysis that was reported by a Pennsylvania media outlet, the number of pedestrian deaths in this state went up by about 30 to 40 percent in 2018. In 2018, Pennsylvania had 90 pedestrian fatalities related to car accidents, whereas the number in 2017 was 64.

Man will spend at least 6 years in jail after fatal crash

A man who caused a fatal accident in a Pennsylvania town about 45 miles from Altoona will spend at least 6 years and up to 15 years in prison for his role in the crash. After the accident, police determined that the man was high on methamphetamine and a prescription medicine at the time of the collision.

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