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Risk of teen car accidents worse with teen passengers

There are innumerable dangers on the road in Altoona and all across Pennsylvania. People will be cognizant of them when they head out on the road in any capacity. Encountering a drunk driver, a reckless driver, a negligent driver or a distracted driver are among the most frequently referenced risks. All can cause car accidents with injuries and fatalities. Some of the most problematic drivers on the road are teens. Because they are new drivers and will frequently make mistakes due to youth and inexperience, it is wise to keep a watch for them.

Fatal truck accidents on the rise

If you tense up when a large truck barrels up behind you or passes you on the highway, you are not alone. Most people understand the dangers of sharing the road with tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles simply based on their size and speed. When the drivers of those trucks are careless or reckless, it often leads to tragedy.

Fatality shows danger of construction workplace accidents

Workplace accidents can happen in any kind of job in Pennsylvania with people suffering injuries and fatalities. Some industries are more dangerous than others, and the work is inherently risky. One of those industries is construction. Given the nature of the work with people stationed at great heights, using heavy equipment and trusting their safety to others, it is no surprise that many workplace accidents occur and people are hurt or lose their lives. For those injured, workers' compensation benefits are critical. For those killed, there are steps that must be taken for the family left behind to get death benefits. Having legal help is step one after a workplace accident.

Does crash prevention technology stop distracted driving?

In a little over a decade, smart phones went from a new piece of interesting technology to an essential part of everyday life. Like most other people in Pennsylvania, you probably use your own smart phone for a wide range of tasks, including listening to music, browsing the internet and setting up GPS directions to new locations. Unfortunately, some people struggle to put their phones down while driving, putting you and everyone else at risk for a car accident. 

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