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  • 13-Dec-2016

    Three Potentially Dangerous Holiday Gifts

    Every holiday season is filled with hot gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever you give it to. This year is no exception, but there are a few gift ideas that have undergone some scrutiny due to potentially dangerous ...
  • 17-Oct-2016

    Beware the Health Hazards of Spray Foam

    As the temperatures in Pennsylvania begin falling, signaling the start of winter, many homeowners will look to increase their home’s energy efficiency by keeping heat in and cold out through better insulation. The EPA and ENERGY STAR Commission ...
  • 18-Aug-2016

    Stroller Injuries Can Impact Brain Development

    If you have or have had young children, you probably have also owned a stroller or a child carrier to move them around. While these do make transporting a young child easier, strollers and child carriers are some of the most frequently-recalled ...
  • 10-Feb-2016

    Can I Sue If I Was Injured By An E-Cigarette Explosion?

    Whether you call them e-cigarettes, electronic hookahs, or vaporizers, these devices have seen an enormous rise in popularity over the last several years. A Forbes article from June of 2015 projects that e-cigarette sales will near 2.5 billion ...
  • 4-Jan-2016

    Are Hoverboard Injury Lawsuits Inevitable?

    Perhaps the biggest craze of 2015 was the so-called hoverboard – essentially a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter. These boards have taken over social media, with countless celebrities posting pictures of their attempts to ride them. However, ...

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